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2 Newts on Current Events
Posted by DJ Flav at 2011-08-22 19:18:46

My old pal Newt Gingrich hasn't been in the news much lately, but two current events connect back to a post I wrote a while back about him.

First, seemingly everyone has been befuddled with the sudden success of the Libyan rebels in taking control of the country. After all, experts like li'l Newtie argued against intervening in Libya in the first place since there was no way it would lead to the fall of Qadaffy, despite what experts like li'l Newtie had been claiming. What was the turning point in the war, pray tell? None other than the sage advice of our own Gerrit. 

Second, you may have heard during the Tea Party-created debt crisis this summer that Republicans were against any type of "job-killing" tax increase on rich folks. Well, it turns out the modern heirs of Lincoln, Grant, and TR have no such qualms when the tax increase affects primarily low-income workers. Why would they be against a tax cut that even President Obama is for? I'll let House majority leader Eric Cantor (in Groucho glasses) explain it for you:

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2,000 Tue, Aug 23 '11
02:56:34 PM
I cannot watch this clip enough for it ever to get less funny.

Bottle that shit.
3 million Wed, Aug 24 '11
09:57:43 AM
Why do you hate job creators? We're the ones creating jobs in...oh, shit, I forgot.
-28 Wed, Aug 24 '11
07:00:54 PM
On a similar theme:
1 Thu, Mar 15 '12
08:15:42 AM
It seems to me that you, sir, simply don't understand the man.

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